It’s just one of those days

You ever had that feeling that you feel so disappointed with someone even if they haven’t done anything wrong? I know it’s weird but sometimes I just feel like that — specially with my special someone. And today is just one of those days.

Being in a Long Distance Relationship really sucks!! Going out to have a dinner or going to the movies is not possible, all those things that a normal couple would do are inconceivable. And of course, all those hugs and kisses are nothing but just a figure of our imagination. Sounds so depressing, isn’t it?

I am not really a fan of this LDR thing. In fact, I have once said before that “a couple who started as long distance and got together after a while is waaaaay better than a couple who started being together then became long distance with each other for some reason.” It’s like handing out a giant candy to a kid then taking it back after ten seconds. What a torture! And if in case you are wondering which of the two my relationship is like, well it’s the latter. 😦 My boyfriend for three years and so needed to go abroad to work and has been away since February this year.

I know distance is just a number and missing someone is just a state of mind. But during these times, words and voice are so powerful that these can give you the drive and passion to go through your day everyday. And if those two are eliminated, sadness and disappointment will definitely shoot up.

I really hate it when we do not have the chance to talk that much because for me, communication is the very key for our relationship to work. But sometimes, there are just those times when things do not go in our favor. And no matter how hard you wanted to talk to each other, you just don’t have the chance to. 😦

I know this phase shall soon pass. I know that someday we will be together again. I think I am just sad right now and I wish this feeling would just go away and never come back again.




Loving fashion is in my DNA

I have nothing to do! I’ve been in front of this laptop for five hours now. And by surfing the net, I have created yet another account on a very famous site — LOOKBOOK.NU

As a girl, I love fashion! I wasn’t born a fashionista though. I think I just evolved as I grew older.

I am no stylist, model or fashion blogger also. But at times, I just like to dress up and play with the different fashion trends and clothes that I have. So I think, by means of lookbook, I can now share to the world what looks I can create.

And hope that someday, be as good as the ones I am fanning! Haha! I wish!

So please do visit my lookbook page to hype my looks. And let me know from time to time what you think of my style. 🙂



Bloggers United 3 | Photo Blog

my best bud Naiz & I waited for this event since the day we weren’t able to go to the second Bloggers United.

Naiz and me with Robbie Becroft and Laureen Uy

with Ms. Patricia Prieto

with the lovely Ms. Anastasia Siantar of Brown Platform

Nice to see old friends Stan & Juli at the Bazaar

with my crush Robbie Becroft again! haha! 🙂

Since we went there late, all of the good stuff were already gone. Good thing is, I was still able to buy this one cute top.

with Ms. Bestie

It was raining the entire day so I decided to don a long gray cardigan over a tank top + skinny jeans ensemble.

What do you think of my look?

It was my first time to be in an event like this and it was so fun!! Can’t wait for the next Bloggers United 🙂




I’ve known of Instagram eversince I’ve seen it on different celebrities’ tweets. It is basically a free photo sharing program launched in October 2010 that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it on a variety of social networking services, including Instagram’s own. With the continuous emergence of social networking mania, many people are really getting into the trend of using different applications available for their mobile phones. And I’m not gonna lie, I can honestly say that I am one of those people who uses this kind of applications. I’ve been on Instagram for almost eight months now and using this connects me to my different interests in photos and also my friends’ photos as well.  For some, it is their way of advertising and marketing their brands, for others it is their way of reaching out to those who follow them. It is also a sort of looking whose photo made it to the Popular Page (getting the most number of likes) and based on my observation, if you want your photo to be among the popular ones, you might want to post anything that will fit in this top five categories.


Sky-high designer heels, pumps, wedges or platforms that makes the feet looks like a million bucks!


Scrumptious desserts like cakes, chocolates and ice cream. Anything sweet and pleasing to the eyes.


OOTD picture (for those who have no idea, OOTD stands for outfit of the day)


Nails that are painted with extreme polish or nail art.

    and last but not the least, of course

• Any One Direction picture, may it be their face, hair, hat or whatever, as long as its One Direction hahaha!

That’s it! That is my rundown of the most popular photos on the Popular Page of Instagram. 🙂



I do not own any of these photos. If any of these happen to be yours and you do not want them to be here on my post, feel free to comment and I will politely honor your request. PEACE!




I want them back

I don’t know what it is with Crime Scene themed shows, but I just love to watch them. I guess its just that evidence gathering, truth-seeking then stitching them all together to solve a crime really interests me. And because in watching Crime Scene television series, the power of forensic science and law enforcement always prevail in the end unlike in reality.

But among the three CSI series franchise, my personal favorite is CSI: Miami. I just love how Lieutenant Horatio Caine delivers his one-liners in a very intimidating way while of course doing the very famous ‘putting-on-his-sunglasses move’. That never fails! Haha!


Horatio is the very compassionate Lieutenant and head of the Miami-Dade crime lab. Their whole team including Calleigh Duquesne the ballistics specialistsRyan Wolfe the OCD detectiveEric Delko the very attractive Latin-American fingerprint and drug expert, Natalia Boa Vista the sexy DNA analystWalter Simmons the comedic art theft specialist and all the other cast who were part of the current and early seasons of CSI: Miami were all very interesting.

The twists and turns of the crime stories plus the involvement of their personal lives gives depth to this hit CBS series. Every episode gives you something to look forward to the next. Thus attracting millions of viewers around the globe and stayed on top all throughout its ten outstanding seasons. That’s why it is saddening to know that this show will never have a continuation anymore due to its cancellation for no apparent reason. But despite that, I am still hoping that CBS will put this show back on air because I definitely miss Horatio and his team.